¿Nunca había visto antes la indicación «Concebido en Bohemia»?

No nos sorprende. De hecho, poca gente sabe que esa región existe. Along with Moravia and Silesia, Bohemia is one of the historic lands of the Czech Crown. Today it is part of the Czech Republic. And why should you care? Because those Czechs have helped us create this amazing website. We’ve just followed these basic rules:

Regla #1

Tómese su tiempo para tomar decisiones importantes




We didn’t rush the development of this site and its graphical design. We wanted someone truly reliable. It is said that patience works wonders. It's true – and it also brought us PORTA. These guys from Brno are indeed what they say on their website.

Regla #2

Pague para tener un punto de vista externo




A project’s documentation and user experience can be handled in various ways. We did not want to leave anything to chance, and therefore chose Prague’s H1.cz – the number one in consultancy in the Czech Republic! How can we tell? We can, because they put the user’s experience first.

Regla #3

Elija al buen redactor creativo




Each good copywriter is more than just a skilled ‘laborer’, they also have their own distinctive style. And the one Otto Bohuš has fits us like a glove. That’s why Otto creates the overall tone of voice for all our marketing communication.

Regla #4

Va a necesitar a profesionales de la realización de vídeos




Maybe at home you can throw your own voiceover together – but that just won’t do for the official video you put up on YouTube. These two young men from Olomouc’s Pointfilm can work miracles with a video camera.

Regla #5

No temas a los trabajadores independientes




Petr Široký is a web designer, who works on solutions for large corporate presentations. And that was just what we were looking for at the beginning of our project. His design of our wireframe homepage served as the inspiration for both H1 and PORTA.

Regla #6

Dé un salto al mundo




One language isn’t enough? The translation agency Langeo can do 50! With its help, we’re able to show our presentation to the world. If we had customers on the moon, they would get us a translator there as well!

Y regla #7

¡Debería tener su propio blog!