The world is actually really small.
With us it’s even smaller

  • We'll transport your private packages anywhere in the world. We'll expand the market for your e-shop (your e-shop market) to 7 billion people around the globe.
  • And it’ll cost you just a fraction of the price that larger carriers want.
  • You can arrange everything online - right now from your computer.

12 specific examples of what Teahouse can do for you:

Your private consignments

With us there's no standing in line. We have no limits on packages.
And we are up to 80% cheaper than DHL or Fedex.

Private packages – from and to anywhere

Treat someone to an unexpected gift. Sell your computer on eBay. When abroad, have one of your favorite things sent to you. Or we can pick up goods you purchased at an auction on the other side of the planet. We call the sender and take care of everything.


Have goods sent from your favorite e-shop

Does your beloved brand have much cheaper goods abroad? Use our virtual address service and simply forward the goods from the e-shop. If you have a friend in a country where you want to shop, order transport directly from him or her to you - and save even more.


Incredibly cheap transport when moving

When moving, you pack most things safely into boxes (clothes, books, DVDs ...) and those we transport for you for almost nothing. And the rest? Let us give you some advice: sell your used furniture and washing machine to the new tenants and buy everything new at your new location. It will actually be cheaper!


Baggage cheaper than with airlines

No doubt you know how much airlines (even the "low cost" ones) charge for extra baggage - a bundle. Not only will we transport your suitcases cheaper, but you won’t have to wait even a minute longer at the airport. The courier will deliver everything exactly where you need it.


Student shipping with a discount

We were all students once, and we also had to count every penny. Therefore we’d like to make you this special offer: send us an e-mail with a scan of your student ID card - and on private consignments you’ll receive a 10% discount. If you want to do business, you’ll get the same discount as a regular customer.


Companies and entrepreneurs

Send more than goods for a fraction of the price!
We know carriers and know who to use when: faster and cheaper.

Send business packages safely anywhere in the world

Whether you need to send a package from your foreign branch or you need to send samples of goods to a trade fair, we are always ready to go. We call the senders and take care of everything. Packages can be sent from and to anywhere - and truly for just a fraction of the price.


Cheap transport and other discounts for your e-shop

Do you have great products? Then there aren’t any limits – in the blink of an eye 10 million customers in the Czech Republic become 7 billion people around the world! Or for starters, feel free to try just the neighboring countries. Then maybe add a few more. After that, why not the the whole EU? And then ... We will help you with any plan.


Convenient transport price from your suppliers

Do you buy products for your business abroad? With us you get much lower prices than what the sellers offer (they often have large margins on transport). We deal directly with sellers to arrange pick up of your goods.


Cheaper transport for promising start-ups

Are you setting up a start-up? Picking up consignments in front of a garage is nothing new for us, so why wouldn’t we help the future Packards, Hewletts and Jobs of the world? Send us an e-mail with a brief description of your start-up - with a phone number. We'll get back to you.


Instituties, kantoren, scholen

Cheap for schools and offices. And free of charge for those who need it.
We also support the Endowment Fund Against Corruption.

Free for foundations and nonprofits

With foundations or beneficial non-profits we always agree on barter. Maybe one day you write something about us, and we transport something for you free of charge. If our budget allows it, it can even be long-term cooperation. Write directly to our Director.


Cheap transport for schools and universities

Supporting schools is a no-brainer for us (comes naturally to us). For us it’s important that they don’t spend too much on expensive transport, so they have more money to provide an excellent education for future generations – those who will feed us once we retire. If you are a school or university and are dealing with transportation, please contact us.


Low transport prices for government

This is our pilot project. We are offering fast and cheap service for a variety of government institutions. If you are organizing a tender for the transportation of international shipments, please contact us and we will prepare our best quote for you.


Do you ship regularly? Let's touch base!

We always find an interesting solution for regular clients and e-shops.

Every month, I spend this amount for shipping my parcels:

Average weight of a typical parcel is:

We will get back to you with an amazing offer!