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Storage in Removal Boxes?
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Please note that all parcels exceeding the weight of 55kg must be prepared on a palette.


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  • Parcel transport .
  • Basic insurance for up to of the transport value. You can buy additional insurance if you need.
  • In some countries, parcel pickup on the same day you place the order.
  • Any payment method, no extra charge for credit card payment.

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Do you know... that your package with such dimensions can weigh up to  kg and the price won't change?! Do you know... that this package can be  dm3 bigger for the same price?! We've calculated the price by the weight of the package. We've calculated the price by the volume of the package. i


„It is not possible, that you're so cheap!“ - It is. Thanks to enormous turnovers (and our clever strategy) we negotiated prices from a dreamland for you.

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Your private parcels

With us you don't have to stand in a queue. We don't have parcel limits. And we are up to 80 % cheaper than DHL or FedEx.

For companies and sole traders

Send goods for a fraction of the price! We know the carriers and know when and who to use: faster and cheaper.

Institutions, authorities, schools

Cheaper for schools and instutions. And for free for those who need it. We also support the Endowment Fund Against Corruption.

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    3 most frequent questions
    about sending parcels

    Do I have to carry something somewhere? You don't. We pick everything up from you and deliver right to the door of the recipient.

    How fast will the parcel go? Mostly 1-2 working days to a neighbouring country. Europe within 2-5 working days. World 5-9 working days.

    Who will call me? One of our 16 team members who will deal with everything until your parcel reaches its destination.

In what are we different?

  • In price. You won't find any cheaper wordwide parcel service.
  • In service. We are fast and call you ourselves. And we solve everything instantly.
  • In contact. You always have phone number, Skype or email to a real person.