We are the least expensive.
Because we know what we are doing

4 ways we are able to tame prices

1. WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR – the cheapest way to the finishing line

We are not interested in the most direct, but the cheapest ways of transport. We are able to choose the most suitable means of forwarding your parcels, so that you pay the lowest possible price.

2. WE KNOW – where, when and whom to cooperate with

We are familiar with the policies and regulations of forwarders in each country. A courier from one company can thus hand your consignment over to another forwarder – because that second forwarder is the cheapest in that given sector.

3. WE NEGOTIATE – with anyone who is interested

Our sales representatives are from all around the world. They have been arranging the best conditions for you since 2009 – because we are open to every fair deal.

4. WE ARE DOING IT BIG – the bigger the better

We transport thousand consignments daily for hundreds of customers. This means we are an interesting partner for giant forwarders – and we can arrange even better prices.

Do not ship your consignments for more than you have to.

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