Instead of Terms & Conditions

We don’t like the smallprint. Do you? We made it as short as possible.

"Laskenta s.r.o. is a broker and optimizer of transportation services from various carriers. The texts on this website serve as our terms and conditions, especially the FAQ section. Any aspect of our business not described on our website is automatically governed by the terms and conditions of the specific carrier responsible for pickup and delivery. For example, the terms of DPDgroup apply here, conditions of TNT company hereParcelforce UKFedExInterlogistica BGBTT ITDPD HUDPD ROGLS CZGLS ESGLS PLBefore transportation, you have the right to request information about which carrier will handle your shipment (or which two carriers, if your parcel will be redirected within the price optimization process)

Company name and address (not for customer service):

Laskenta s.r.o. Bělehradská 858/23, Vinohrady, Praha 2, Česká republika, 120 00

IČ 17936314; DIČ CZ17936314