Send a package to Spain

Send the package to all parts of the country, including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. We'll deliver your shipment safely, quickly and at a fraction of the cost of other shipping companies. From the comfort of your home, give us the necessary information about the package and we will ship it over the Pyrenees for you. You do not have to deal with anything else.

How to send a package to Spain?

Place an order on our site and we'll take care of the rest.
We'll call you and go over all the important information about shipment preparation and pickup.
Our courier will pick up the package at given address and deliver it to your chosen destination in Spain.

If the courier can not reach anyone, you will see it in the online tracking and you can arrange delivery for another day for free.

How much?

You can send the package to the Czech Republic from $28.03 . You will find the exact price in our calculator.

Calculate our prices online!

Why send a package to Spain with Teahouse?

Fast and reliable transportation of your shipments
Delivery of packages door to door
Best price / transport quality ratio and customer service

Other benefits of package delivery

Better shipping cost when sending multiple packages
You can track your shipment online at all times
We carry your luggage cheaper than the airline
Basic insurance free included in the transport price
Foundations and non-profits send for free
Students get a guaranteed discount
Custom B2B collaboration for regular customers
Can shop using a virtual address in Spain

Sending a package?

Send anything to or from the Czech Republic. Gifts, souvenirs and even shopping. If a Czech e-shop does not deliver abroad, we will collect and deliver the goods to you.

Traveling to Spain?

Do you want to discover the beauty of the Iberian peninsula? Have your luggage delivered to the hotel. You do not have to take them to the airport and you will save on the transport that is extremely expensive with the airlines. Sending your luggage to Spain with a shipping service is more convenient, cheaper and as safe as by plane.

Sending regularly?

Whether you want to deliver your e-shop goods to the Czech Republic or just send regular packages to your friends, we can find solutions tailored to your needs.

Teahouse Transport has been delivering shipments worldwide to close and remote countries since 2011.

Thanks to our partnership with DPD, DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS, we can guarantee the shortest and most efficient journey for your shipment.

Things you should know about Spain before sending your shipment

Fill in the recipient's phone number

When filling in your order, make sure you do not forget the recipient's local phone number. The delivery service usually does not call non-local numbers. Important information is left at this number, especially if the package fails to be delivered on the first try. This will reduce the risk of delaying delivery or even return of the shipment.

What not to send?

When sending within Europe, there are not many limitations on what you can send. The main thing is to keep an eye on the limits on the transport of alcohol and tobacco products, but there are a number of things that can not be sent general.

Sending to the Balearic Islands

Sending a package to the Balearic islands is just as simple as to mainland Spain. Just remember that shipping may take a little longer and it will be a bit more expensive than to the mainland.

Sending to the Canary Islands

While the Canary Islands are part of Spain, they are unfortunately not part of the European Union. All packages are therefore subject to customs and are charged differently than mainland transport.

Double check the address

Check your recipient's address several times. Even a minor mistype may change the delivery location. The package, despite the courier's efforts, would then not find its owner and return as undeliverable.

Prepare for possible delays

On the way to the islands, packages can meet a number of unexpected delays. That's why it's best to send packages in advance and not rely on last minute delivery.