CONTEST: We buy you a blue sky holiday!

  • December 17, 2014
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Do you want to lie on a sunny beach this winter? Of course you do! And we will pay for your exotic vacation to warmer lands – worth 1 000 Euros!

This time, the contest truly is for everyone

Many of you were sad that you couldn't participate in the previous competition when we advertised in the Wizz Air magazine, because WizzAir simply doesn't fly near you.

This is why we put the new ad into the in-flight magazine of the competing EasyJet as well. This way, people who fly further south to, for example, Spain, Portugal, Italy or Greece will see it too.

And since the Teahouse ad already flies 10 km above the earth all over Europe ... so can you.

Contest rules: originality pays back

Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Get your hands on the current issue of the Wizz Air or EasyJet magazines. (You can take a copy home with you for free.)
  2. Open it at page 4 (Wizz Air) or 158 (EasyJet).
  3. Take a picture with the ad, so that we can see from the photo HOW MUCH you really want the sunny beach vacation.
  4. The more original your creation, the greater your chance of winning the main prize.
  5. Send the photo to

The deadline is Sunday, 11th January 2015!

(Attention! Photos adjusted in Photoshop will be disqualified. Be creative - but without touchups and computer tricks. Thanks.)

What exactly is at stake?

Your dream vacation, of course!

The main prize: A vacation of your choice – valued at 1 000 euro

The most original photographer will win a vacation by the sea (up to the value of 1 000 euro).

The craziest idea wins, so surprise us with your great photos and creativity!

Still want more? Every photo we decide to publish on our Facebook page earns its sender 10 euro. Now get out there and start snapping!

We will be publishing chosen photos on Facebook throughout the contest period.

Once published, the photographer automatically receives 10 euro from us into their online Wallet at They can then send something cheaply.

So what’s the deal with that main prize?

We'll do our best to accommodate your wishes:

  • We won’t select the destination for you – you will.
  • Be sure to take somebody with you – share the experience
  • The winner will receive 1 000 euro into their bank account.
  • All that remains is to pack your bags and look forward to the beach!

Don’t know which pose to strike? Out of ideas? Want some inspiration?

Check out these 30 photos from the last contest (Facebook).

So… what are you waiting for, Christmas?

Your goal:

  1. Get the Teahouse ad in the WizzAir or EasyJet in-flight magazine.
  2. Take a picture with it – the more interesting, the better for you.
  3. Send that photo to

Do it before 11th January 2015.

Your Teahouse