How to organise moving home within Europe

  • March 31, 2015
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The challenge: We compared the offers of several moving and courier companies throughout Europe. The mission: How much for the relocation of two bikes and fifteen 30-kilogram boxes

The director of Teahouse served as our guinea pig - because he was actually moving house. In this case, from Prague, Czech Republic to Oldenburg in Germany (a distance of 659 km by road).

Many people who move around Europe for work or study, need to consider such a (temporary) relocation for six months to a year but are not willing to pay a fortune to do it.

They just want to pack and go.

This time, it was two bikes, twelve 30 kg packages of 60 x 40 x 36 cm and three larger 30 kg packages of 60 x 60 x 60 cm.

So what did we do?

  1. We asked some Czech and German transport companies for an estimate.
  2. We also inquired at our own company – i.e. price of relocation using
  3. First, we recorded the time to respond with the estimate.
  4. Then we compared the most important thing: price.
  5. For further comparison, we added a second route, Prague-Edinburgh, to our Prague-Oldenburg route.

The results? Just see for yourself.

Careful! Fragile – Keep Upright!

Check out the comparisons between the Czech moving and courier companies first. Dispatch point is Prague. All prices are in CZK.

CompanyTo OldenburgTo EdinburghResponse time to query
Teahouse Transport 9 976 14 751 Immediate - online calculation
Odnesto 14 300 45 000 47h
Alfa Stěhování 18 000 35 000 31h
Pražské stěhovací služby 32 670 90 750 18h
EASY MOVING 37 935 - 40h

When it comes to response times, whoever can give the estimate immediately wins over slower competitors.

This is why we incorporated the online calculator into our website.

As far as prices go, you can see that nobody could beat our offer.

On the longer trip (Prague–Edinburgh, 1 341 km as the crow flies), our price was just over 50% higher than the much shorter Prague-Oldenburg route. As you can see, the customer would pay significantly more for using the others.

In addition to the above companies, we contacted two more - but received no response.

Germany overpriced, Scotland unresponsive

This table shows the offers received from German moving and courier companies when compared with Teahouse. Dispatch point is from Prague.

CompanyTo OldenburgResponse time to query
Teahouse Transport 9 976 Immediate - online calculation
F. W. DEUS GmbH & Co. KG none 168h
ALPHA SERVICE LTD. 59 333 166h
AGS Movers 33 960 15h
FIRST Umzugslogistk UG 33 240 20h
Kontinent Spedition GmbH 39 556 192h!

For German companies, we could only compare prices for the shorter Prague-Oldenburg route.

Although F. W. DEUS did respond it gave no estimate.

And like the "Czech" comparison, in addition to the above companies, we contacted two more expecting a response, but we waited in vain.

The table for Scottish shipping companies (for the Prague-Edinburgh route) is not worth giving here. Of the 5 approached companies, only RSS Scotland responded. Quoted price - 67 057 CZK.

Cutting a long story short

Now we have proof:

If you want to move your personal belongings within Europe, Teahouse is the cheapest and the fastest option.

And this is not just some PR mumbo jumbo, but fact. If you do not believe us, retry the experiment with the various transport companies for yourself.

After careful consideration of all the competing bids, our CEO decided to use ... his own services.

And guess how long his personal belongings took to arrive?

Just 2 days!