Forget about Schrödinger's cat: what you can't send

  • November 23, 2020
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Customers come first for us, but we can't always satisfy all their wishes. Unfortunately, cats, Christmas cookies and alcohol do not belong in a parcel. What else will you have a problem with during transport? We have written everything clearly below to clue you in.

What you shouldn't put in a parcel

Sending animals, live plants or food that spoils very quickly is generally not a good idea. However, if prohibited items are found in a parcel at any time during its transport, it is very likely that it will be returned, or its journey will end there where it is discovered.

So what should you not send? Ladders, kayaks, canoes, animals, live Christmas trees, tires and batteries (for some carriers), folded furniture not packed in boxes, mattresses, metal without any packaging and various rockets or firecrackers.

We will only transport engines if they are prepared in a wooden box and free of operating fluids. "White goods" are typically problematic, i.e. refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, etc. They are not suitable for transport.

You should also not send parcels containing the following:

  1. Jewelry, precious stones and metals
  2. Coins and bank notes/bills of any kind
  3. Credit cards, checkbooks, ID documents
  4. Art items
  5. Forbidden publications
  6. Alcohol, tobacco products
  7. Frozen or perishable foods
  8. Plants
  9. Live animals and their remains
  10. Illegal drugs
  11. Weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammables, pressurized containers/sprays
  12. Narcotic and psychotropic substances
  13. Merchandise of very high value
  14. Merchandise, that may cause harm to persons and property
  15. Paints, adhesives, preserves, jams, honey and other liquids (we can't risk their leakage)

If you are sending a parcel with something that does not fall into the above categories, you can rest easy and have it transported. However, if the package starts barking at our courier and demands a walk, we will have to return it to you.

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