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QHow does it all work?
A It's very simple: you use this page to input the dimensions and weight of the package, calculate the price – and order the transport online in a few steps.
QWhat happens after I order the transport?
A One of our operators will call the sender and arrange a suitable day for the parcel collection (Monday to Friday 9AM–5PM).
QWhen should the recipient expect my package?
A In Europe, it should take from 2–5 working days (it can be the next day if sending into a neighboring country). Outside Europe, it would be from 5–9 working days. We can't guarantee this (due to customs or heavy snowfall for example), but 98% of our packages arrive on time or sooner.
QDo I have to carry anything a long way?
A You don't have to leave your home/office. All you need to do is come to the door – the courier will take over from there. The same goes for the recipient, the package will be dropped off at their door – the first lockable door. (It can be arranged to have the package dropped off at a distribution depot or another secure space: e.g. yard, garage, neighbors.)
QWhat languages do you speak?
A You're sure to find one – we speak 17 languages. You can easily find an operator who speaks your language on this page.
QHow is it possible that you're this cheap?
A It's because we use clever strategies with large transport companies. Take a look at our 4 basic tricks, which allow this dream-like pricing.

Preparing the package

QHow do I prepare a package for transport?
A All the parcels are processed using automatic sorting machines. The packages move along rubber and roller conveyor belts. This has to be taken into account when choosing the packaging material. The packaging material protects the parcel in transit, so it should be sturdy enough. Reinforce or fill the empty space inside the package. For further help with specific package contents, we have prepared the videos below:
QHow to prepare luggage for transport?
A You have a choice of 4 options when preparing your luggage for the courier. Check out our video:
QHow can I weigh my package when I don't have a suitable scale?
A Pick up the package, stand on your personal scale and subtract your body weight. Always indicate a slightly higher weight – so that the package is not heavier than what you're paying for. If the package is heavier, it is likely to be returned at your expense. The standard fee is £10.
QWhat if my package is fragile?
A A “FRAGILE” sticker is not a substitute for proper packing. We process all our packages using an automatic sorter. The packages move along rubber and roller conveyor belts. This has to be taken into account when choosing the packing material. The packaging material protects the parcel in transit, so it should be sturdy enough in relation to the item's fragility. Choose the size of the package according to its content. Under-filled boxes are likely to collapse; overloaded ones may burst. Every package has to withstand a drop of 70cm. We are not able to insure items made of or containing glass or porcelain, e.g. electronics with LCD screens. Nevertheless – our customers, who know how to properly pack these fragile materials, successfully send them (at their own risk). Check out how they do it:
QAre there any forbidden items?
A Yes, there are. Ladders, kayaks, canoes, animals, natural Christmas trees, tires and batteries (with certain carriers), assembled furniture without packaging, mattresses, unpackaged metals, engines/motors (unless packed in a wooden box and drained of fluids), assorted fireworks and major domestic appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. Further, packages containing:
  • Jewelry, precious stones and metals
  • Coins and bank notes/bills of any kind
  • Credit cards, checkbooks, ID documents
  • Art items
  • Forbidden publications
  • Alcohol, tobacco products
  • Frozen or perishable goods
  • Plants

  • Live animals and their remains
  • Illegal drugs
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives
  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances
  • Merchandise of very high value
  • Merchandise, that may cause harm to persons and property
  • Paints, adhesives, preserves, jams, honey and other liquids (we can't risk their leakage)
QAre there items you don't recommend sending?
A Glass, ceramics, porcelain, display electronics (TVs, tablets, phones, laptops etc.). These items are not covered by any insurance.
QDo I have to affix an address to the package?
A It is not required – but we recommend it. If you do, also include a copy inside the package. This is to ensure that the package arrives if the shipping label is lost or misplaced. In some countries, we send you an email with a shipping label with a barcode to print out. In others, the courier has you fill out their shipping label, which is then affixed to the package. And in yet others, the courier will have a prefilled shipping label. Always include a phone number with the address.
QDo you transport bicycles?
A Yes, we regularly move bikes. Just make sure to pack it properly. If you're not sending a new bike in original packaging, it's best to remove the handlebars and the wheels, put them in a bubble wrap lined box, or carton-wrapped and secured with foil and tape. Check this short video for tips:
QIs it possible to store a parcel with you?
A Yes, it is possible under these conditions: if the recipient couldn't accept the delivery, the courier will leave a card with instructions. Follow these to arrange another date for delivery. In this case, the package can be kept for about a week (not guaranteed – depends on country and carrier).


QWhen and how do I pay for transport?
A When finishing an order, you choose the payment method that suits you. The easiest way is to pay online by card or through PayPal. You can pay by bank transfer or with cash at a bank – this works with UK, Czech or Polish accounts. You can also send a payment to our international account in 31 currencies. We also accept phone payments (RBS WorldPay). Whichever payment method you choose, we will send you an email with instructions. Remember that we can only send a courier for package pickup after receiving the payment or a bank payment confirmation.
QDo I get my money back when I cancel an order?
A Of course. We will send the money back right away. If you paid by card or through PayPal, it should take a few minutes. In the case of a bank transfer, please send us your bank details and we will transfer the money. This may take until the next working day (but is usually sent on the same day).
QDoes the sender have to make the payment?
A Not necessarily. The transport can also be ordered and paid for by the recipient or any third party.
QI send parcels fairly regularly – can I get a discount?
A Yes, you can. Let's have a word! Fill out this short form – and we'll get back to you.

Package pickup

QHow soon can you pick up my parcel?
A It can be today in some countries. For instance, if you order in the morning (UTC/GMT time zone), 80% of the time, we are able to get to you on the same day anywhere in the UK. Take the weather into account, especially in winter. If you're in a hurry, call us – we can discuss your options in the country where you need the pickup. In most cases, we are able to pick your parcel up on the next working day, if we receive the order before 2:30PM UTC/GMT on a working day (not Saturday or Sunday).
QWhat language will the courier speak?
A They will always use the local language of the sender and receiver. For example, in the Czech Republic, you'll get a Czech guy/gal, in Britain, you'll get a British bloke/lass. In Spain... a Spaniard ;))
QDo I have to wait for the courier at the collection address?
A No. The courier will pick up the package from wherever you tell them. It can be at your workplace, at your neighbors or another agreed upon place (perhaps an unlocked garage). Describe the pickup place in the pickup address field. Anybody with access to the package can hand it over to the courier.
QWill the courier let me know they're coming?
A It depends on the country. They usually don't have a work phone, so it's up to them whether they use a personal one. If you need the courier to call you when they get to the pickup address, put it in the order. Please use a local phone number, not an international one. Also, don't take the collection as a guarantee, the courier could miss the pickup due to a car accident or other unforeseen circumstances.
QCan I send a larger/heavier package than listed in the order?
A Unfortunately, you can't. Make sure you put in the correct numbers (in kg and cm). If you exceed the listed dimensions or weight, the package is likely to be returned at your expense. The standard fee is £10.
QWhat if I have more packages to pick up than I originally ordered?
A That would be a problem, because the courier can't take payment for additional packages (you'd have to order their pickup for the next day). A good solution would be to order more packages just in case – when you send less than ordered, you'll get the overpayment back.
QDo you pick up and deliver packages on weekends or public holidays?
A No. We pick up and deliver Monday to Friday 9AM–5PM (except public holidays). However, you can take your package to the closest carrier depot on working day evenings and Saturday mornings. Our operators can tell you where to find the closest depot.
QHow do I find my tracking number?
A You can ask the courier for the number during the collection. You can also contact us that evening or next morning after pickup (by e-mail/SMS/Skype/phone) and we'll be happy to send it to you.

Forsikring og Krav

QIs basic insurance included?
A Yes. Every transport is automatically insured to min. £30 (= $36,08) value. This insurance covers new goods in original packaging. To be able to claim it, please keep invoices and receipts for the goods. See also questions Are there any forbidden items? and Are there items you don't recommend sending? In the case of using Parcelforce, insurance covers only lost parcels (not damaged or delay).
QCan I buy extra insurance?
A Of course. For £10 extra, the consignment is insured up to £700 value, £20 extra gets you £1400 and £30 gets you insured up to a value of £2100. This insurance covers new goods in original packaging. To be able to claim it, please keep invoices and receipts for the goods. Extra insurance does not cover items, which are not covered by basic insurance. For details, see What is covered by package insurance? and Can I insure anything I want? Additional insurance is non-refundable after collection.
QWhat is covered by the consignment insurance?
A Loss or damage of the package. If you prepare the package according to our instructions and make sure to get a pickup receipt, then due to electronic tracking, it's almost impossible to lose the package.
QCan I insure anything I want?
A You can't insure items of exceptional personal value – it's better not to send such things at all. If a package is lost, the carrier requires documents showing the contents' value (invoices, receipts…). Personal value is simply not listed. Also avoid sending of fragile items, such as glass, ceramics, porcelain, delicate electronics, electronics with LCD screens (TV, tablet, phone, laptop etc.), picture frames or fishing rods. Most fragile items are not covered by insurance against damage. Electronics should only be sent in original packaging (usually with polystyrene or similar filling). Damage due to inadequately packaged electronics is not covered by insurance. When filing an insurance claim, you have to provide an invoice or receipt for the claimed items. If it's for damage, you also need to provide photographs of the packaging and its filling. You can't file a claim for the loss or damage of items that are excluded from transport according to the conditions of transport and this FAQ. See also questions Are there any forbidden items? and Are there items you don't recommend sending?
QWhat to do when a parcel arrives damaged?
A Above all, never sign the courier's papers stating that you accepted the package before checking its condition. If it is not in an acceptable condition, let the courier know and fill out the damage claim paperwork. If you don't do this, you may not receive any damage compensation for a later insurance claim. A claim (for damage, loss or robbery) must be raised immediately after delivery your order. Please contact us for more details (time limits for claim).

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